Now that you have signed the Xolair consent form and the Genentech Access Solutions authorization form, it can take up to 8 weeks for our office to obtain your Xolair. Here is what will happen on your behalf:

Our office will request prior authorization for Xolair injections through your insurance company.

  • If your insurance company approves the Xolair immediately, you will be able to start the injections within about 4 weeks.
  • If your insurance company initially denies the Xolair, we will appeal the denial. This takes more time, and it can be 4-8 weeks before you will be able to start the injections.

The paperwork you are signing now will be submitted to Genentech Access Solutions. They will verify your insurance benefits and determine whether you may qualify for any financial assistance for Xolair either through the copay card program or grants. If you qualify, they will contact you to discuss the details. Even if you do not get a phone call from Access Solutions, you should still enroll in the copay card program by either going online to or calling 855-965-2472.

Once we receive the Xolair shipment, we will call you to schedule your first Xolair injection visit.