Patients of our practice age 18 years and older are eligible for an account. Parents and guardians of minor children up to 18 can also have an account known as a “proxy”. The medical information of multiple family members can be managed through one portal account maintained by an adult family member. It’s also possible for both parents (or guardians) to have separate accounts to which minor children are linked.

If you request a proxy account for a minor child (under age 18) you will have access to their full medical record until they reach age 18. Once the child reaches 18, you will only have access to historical information and will be unable to view any new medical information. At age 18, children need to create their own portal account to access their information. After doing so, they can grant access to parents or guardians by contacting our office.

In certain instances, adults may have a proxy account for the health information of another adult. This typically requires the consent of the adult whose information will be maintained in the account. In cases where an adult patient may be mentally impaired or in need of supervision, access to patient information may be granted to a responsible adult without consent.