An Important Message for Our Immunotherapy Patients



We’re returning to regular injection intervals beginning June 1.

 Injections will end at 5:00 PM daily in each location.  Injection days have not changed.

  • Patients on a WEEKLY schedule

Please return weekly for injections to receive increased doses toward maintenance. You may come more frequently to reach your maintenance dose sooner.

  • Patients on a Maintenance Schedule

Please come every 14 – 28 days to maintain your maintenance dose.

Patients receiving VENOM (bee sting allergy) injections should continue with their current schedule.

Patients receiving XOLAIR injections should continue with their current schedule.

We are committed to caring for our patients in a safe and effective manner during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, as you have come to expect from us.  

We have taken the following precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus, while continuing to offer appointments and injection hours:

  • We are taking the temperature of any individual entering the office and subjecting them to additional symptom screening.
  • Our staff is subject to temperature screening each day and are monitoring themselves for symptoms of any type of illness. They understand the importance of staying home when ill. 
  • We have instituted additional cleaning protocols for all areas of the office.
  • If a patient arrives in our office displaying any symptoms of illness, they are immediately provided a mask and escorted from the arrival area to a room designated for this purpose.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available in our waiting rooms.
  • We have removed all non-essential items from waiting areas and exam rooms.

Help Us Maintain a Healthy Environment for Patients and Staff

When coming to our office for an allergy injection we ask that you be mindful of the following:

  • If you are ill, please do not come for your injection. Contact our office and we’ll assess your symptoms and determine the best options for you.  

Many patients have expressed concern about the required 30-minute wait time following an injection.  Please consider the following points about the waiting period.

  • The waiting period is important as it allows us to monitor patients for reactions to their allergy shots.
  • With so many people working from home and area schools closed, we have seen patients coming throughout the day for allergy injections, rather than at peak times you may have experienced in the past, such as the end of the day. This has reduced the number of patients in our waiting rooms.