An Important Message for Our Patients


We are committed to caring for our patients in a safe and effective manner during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, as you have come to expect from us.  Please refer to our website for updated information.

We have taken the following precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus, while continuing to offer appointments and injection hours:

  • We are taking the temperature of any individual entering the office and subjecting them to additional symptom screening.
  • Our staff is subject to temperature screening each day and are monitoring themselves for symptoms of any type of illness. They understand the importance of staying home when ill. 
  • Patients requesting an appointment for a sick visit are subjected to additional screening questions and if an appointment with our office is needed, they may be offered a telehealth visit or an onsite visit as appropriate.
  • We have instituted additional cleaning protocols for all areas of the office.
  • If a patient arrives in our office displaying any symptoms of illness, they are immediately provided a mask and escorted from the arrival area to a room designated for this purpose.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available in our waiting rooms.
  • We have removed all non-essential items from waiting areas and exam rooms.

Help Us Maintain a Healthy Environment for Patients and Staff

When coming to our office for a visit or an allergy injection we ask that you be mindful of the following:

  • If you are ill and have a scheduled appointment, please contact our office before coming to the visit. We’ll assess your symptoms and determine the best options for you.  

A Special Note to Injection Patients

We are continuing to offer allergy injections to patients on a walk-in basis.  We monitor our waiting rooms to permit “social distancing” in our offices.

Many patients have expressed concern about the required 30-minute wait time following an injection.  Please consider the following points about the waiting period. The waiting period is important as it allows us to monitor patients for reactions to their allergy shots.

Some injection patients may be able to extend the number of days between their injections.

  • Patients receiving injections for environmental allergies (pollens, molds, mites and animals) have the option to extend their injection interval to reduce the frequency of visits to our office.
    • Weekly patients who want to continue with their build-up schedule can come within 14 days of their last injection and still receive an increased dose. They can also come within 28 days of their last injection and have their dose held at the current level.  This prevents patients from “losing ground” against the progress they have made toward their maintenance dose.
    • Patients at their maintenance dose need to return within 28 days of their last injection to maintain the current dose.
  • Patients who receive injections for bee sting allergy should continue on their current schedule.
  • Patients receiving Xolair injections should continue on their current schedule.