Certified Allergy & Asthma Consultants looks forward to seeing you for your upcoming oral challenge appointment. Please note the following related to the visit: 

A member of our staff will contact you approximately 5 days prior to the appointment to review detailed instructions for the oral challenge, which were included in the Oral Challenge Patient Instruction Sheet previously provided.  

General instructions for your oral challenge are as follows: 

  • Please allow 4-5 hours for a food oral challenge. A medication challenge may require additional time. 
  • The patient should not take any medications with antihistamine effects at least 72 hours prior to the challenge. 
  • Asthma medications should be continued, if applicable. 
  • The patient should eat a light meal prior to the oral challenge. No other food will be allowed during the challenge. 
  • On the day of the challenge, the patient must not have an acute illness such as fever, hives or upper respiratory illness. In the event of illness, please contact our office to discuss symptoms and the ability to continue with the challenge. 
  • If the challenge is being performed for a food, refer to the Oral Challenge Patient Instruction Sheet previously provided to determine if you need to bring the food to the appointment (including quantity/volume). 

Please arrive on time for the appointment. Late arrivals will be rescheduled due to time constraints.