Does your child need a medication authorization for summer camp, daycare or the 2024–2025 school year? Request needed authorizations now. We’re processing requests now for summer camp and the upcoming school year. Authorizations will be valid for the entire school year.

Please don’t wait to submit your request. The closer we get to the start of school, the volume of requests will increase and turnaround time will increase as well.  You may find yourself without the necessary authorization during the first week of school. Summer camp note requests will be prioritized. School and daycare note will be sent via our FollowMyHealth Patient Portal.

If a camp note is needed, please click the “Camp Note” button below. School authorizations will also be provided (if indicated) with all camp note requests.

Summer camp notes will receive priority. School note requests received by 8/1/24 will be sent by 8/16/24.

Completed medication authorizations will be returned via our FollowMyHealth Patient Portal.